Pushing the Buttons of Creativity

A couple of months ago, we were at Kamoli, a snazzy little coffee place on Calle Loiza in Santurce for our weekly offsite meeting.  A cappucino or was it a mimosa?  Anyways, after two of those, we walked out to the street and this caught our attention.


We knew just enough Spanish to understand what this meant and it immediately piqued our curiosity.  A store called “Buttons”, hmm, we had to check it out.  Mind you, this sign was hanging on the patio of a house.  Well, this is Puerto Rico and we have been here long enough to know that it is perfectly OK to knock on the door or just walk in.  And so we did…

We were greeted by a charming woman, who introduced herself as Mildred Rivera. She was warm, friendly and appreciated the fact that we stopped by.  We walked into her little studio and were instantly captivated by what we saw – buttons everywhere – in boxes, on wall boards, in antique cabinets.  Not to state the obvious, but after all, the sign said, Botones!


We never thought of buttons ever – how they are made, where they are made, since when have buttons been in use – nothing, ever, until now.    This little store with all its charm and beautiful display of buttons, not to mention some of these buttons were over a 150 years old, had reeled us in.  The story tellers in us woke up to this new find and we were itching to know more, so we can share it with the world.  Because this story doesn’t really stop with Botones!  See how Mildred Rivera has been Pushing the Buttons of Creativity!

A select and exclusive collection of Mildred’s Jewelry is now available at Snazzy Bazaar, check it out here – https://www.snazzybazaar.com



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